Join an Exclusive Community of Thriving Entrepreneurs who are taking their Lives and Businesses to the Next Level.

Would you benefit from surrounding yourself with a world-class network of like-minded thriving entrepreneurs?

Would you like to learn how to create perfect harmony in your business and personal life?

Would you benefit from laying out your goals on a quarterly basis in an all-day, in-depth, and intimate workshop?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then The Comma Club may be a great fit for you!
Why The Comma Club?

What is The Comma Club?

The Comma Club is a team of thriving entrepreneurs, lead by Dave LaRue, that aspire to create effortless experiences, vetted opportunities, and lifetime connections for themselves and for others.

What Are You Waiting For?
"The greatest possible investment in not only your business, but in your life." - J.S.

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A World-Class Network of Successful Entrepreneurs

The Comma Club's main purpose is to help you identify and strategize how to align your core values, vision, and goals into your life, while taking into consideration your own personal genius. In order to create a truly remarkable and meaningful life story, all of these MUST be aligned. But don't worry, our coaching and workshops are aimed to help you cultivate perfect harmony in both your personal and business life by guiding toward aligning each of these effortlessly. 

Quarterly Workshops

The Comma Club consists of quarterly workshops aimed at critically identifying your values, vision, goals, and personal genius while strategizing a game plan towards aligning each of them together. The workshops last all day, and leave you with a feeling of purpose, optimism, and clarity for tackling not only the next quarter, next year, or even next 5 years, but for tackling and dominating the remainder of your life. 

Alignment of Your Core Values, Goals, and Vision

Dave LaRue has been an entrepreneur his whole life and is truly living his dream. He is the CEO and owner of several successful businesses and is involved in many global entrepreneurial ventures.

But… he is not your typical entrepreneur. He “walks the talk”. Every morning Dave asks himself this question, “How can I create more freedom for myself and help others to do the same?”  One of his greatest pleasures in life is sharing his knowledge and stories with others. That is why he started The Comma Club Platform.

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The Comma Club Workshop

Dave and The Comma Club will help take your business to another level, a level that you may not have even thought was possible. But not only that, he’ll help you grow immensely as an individual.  Dave believes that it is important to always be learning and evolving. He never claims to have all of the answers, but he has an innate ability to help others discover their passions and their talents by looking inward and answering the tough questions.

Upon joining The Comma Club, you'll have the option to chose either a West coast or East coast workshop each quarter, amounting to 4 workshops per year.

One of Dave's core values comes from a quote by Jim Rohn, "You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with." Dave is a true believer of that and passionate about making sure he, and the 5 people he spends the most time with, are surrounding themselves with like-minded people who consistently focus on personal & professional growth. 

We hope you are inspired to become part of The Comma Club. We truly look forward to hearing from you.

"A Life Changer." — D.R.      

As Jim Rohn famously claimed, "You are the accumulation of your 5 closest friends". At The Comma Club, we've been able to amplify this principle by creating a community of thriving like-mind entrepreneurs and business owners to serve as those 5+ people. Our elite network of high-net-worth entrepreneurs and business owners serve as the foundation of The Comma Club and truly make it the thriving community that it is today. These people become your friends, comrades, life partners, and mentors to assist with any challenge you face during the remainder of your life.  

"Dave's Passion Is To Inspire The Inspired."

The Comma Club Platform is an innovative approach to both business and personal growth. We have helped businesses of all sizes. At The Comma Club we believe that when your values are congruent with your business vision and mission, effortless growth and revenue are predictable and relationships are effortless.

"Experience the difference that a successful entrepreneurial mindset can bring to your business and life."

  • An all-day, in-depth & intimate coaching session. 
  • Relevant segments targeted to entrepreneurs in all stages of their business.
  • Experience based guidance on creating opportunity for your team & for yourself. 
  • Embracing your core values & innate ability.
  • Surrounding yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs.

"The best thing I ever did for my business and myself." — R.M.

I look forward to our meetings, in fact, they are on my yearly highlight reel!”  B.F.
"Dave is an entrepreneur of entrepreneurs, with a spirited business acumen... His outstanding interpersonal communication skills enable him to put people and opportunities together and this is accomplished within a relaxed, enthusiastic and fun environment. A rare breed indeed !!" — J.Z.

"Dave LaRue was the sole key instrumental force that enabled me to exceed the goal of the program, which was to double your free time and double your income. His real life experiences and storytelling paint a clear picture. He gets you thinking and dreaming, realizing anything is possible. He helps you see a clear path and helps you create the plan to reach you goals.

He builds and utilizes simple tools to make the seemingly unmanageable, simple, and actionable. I entered Dave LaRue's coaching program a single focused real estate developer with two employees. In a short time, I became the owner of a major restaurant chain with key real estate holdings in my city. We now own and grow 4 brands and own a food supply company. We buy and develop more real estate now than we did when that was our sole focus. We have 2,200 employees and grow at a rate of over 20% per year.

Work is not work anymore. It's all fun because I do the work that I love and that's it. I surround myself with others doing the same in our highly effective Unique Ability A Team. 

Dave LaRue got me to that place. Dream, Believe and Achieve. Dave LaRue changed my life."

— M.K.
"Dave has been a great mentor and a true inspiration in both my business and personal life. His valued advice and leadership ensures I truly understand the direction I need to travel whilst never forgetting my values."— B.F.
"Thanks for a great event, your generosity and the pleasure of your company. It was thought-provoking and great spending time with other successful people." — G.G.
"Thank you for arranging a productive and relaxing meeting. It was great to relax in a luxurious atmosphere while developing a few concepts for my family and team. The material was terrific and the menu was wonderful: what a nice weekend!"— B.H.

Join an Exclusive Community of Thriving Entrepreneurs who are taking their Lives and Businesses to the Next Level.

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